Life at Shutterfly, Inc.

Our purpose is to share life’s joy by connecting people to what matters as the leading retailer and manufacturing platform for personalized products.

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We make a difference

By helping to capture, preserve and share life’s joy, we connect people to what matters. We take care of one another and give back to our local and global communities.

We are warm, inclusive and collaborative

We invite diversity and encourage all voices. We assume good intent, are forthcoming in our interactions, and trust and respect one another. We accomplish more by working together than we could individually.

We believe in people

Our products and services are only as good as the people who create them. We bring great talent into the company, support development at every stage, and build meaningful careers.

We drive growth through innovation

We believe that long-term, sustainable growth comes from delighting customers through new and better products and services. We innovate passionately, take informed risks and iterate patiently.

We inspire customers

We are passionate about capturing authentic images and offering a thoughtfully curated, elevated product assortment. We inspire customers’ self-expression through beautiful photography, high-quality products and beautiful design.

We cultivate long-term customer relationships

We earn and retain customer trust by making high-bar promises, and then meeting or exceeding them. At any decision point, we choose the option that best serves that trust, whether it’s fixing a problem, anticipating a need or delivering on a promise. We maintain credibility by executing consistently and learning quickly from our mistakes.

We act as owners

We are each stewards of the business, making the decisions that are right for the overall company. We never say, “that’s not my job.” We take accountability for our actions that impact customers, shareholders and each other.

We debate important decisions, then fully commit

We respect and encourage the different perspectives of our diverse teams. We bring transparent dialogue, data, rigorous analysis and judgement to the discussion. Once a decision has been made, we move forward as a committed and aligned team. When the facts change, we re-examine our decisions.

We invest for the long-term while delivering results today

Companies that invest over longer-term horizons have systematic advantages. But we only earn the right to invest over the long-term by delivering results today. We pay disciplined attention to both near-term delivery and long-term investment, acknowledging the inherent tension and necessary trade-offs.