Life at Shutterfly, Inc.

Our purpose is to share life’s joy by connecting people to what matters as the leading retailer and manufacturing platform for personalized products.

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We invest in great talent

Our products and services are only as good as the people who create them. We obsess over bringing the best talent into the company and then consistently motivate, empower and nurture meaningful careers for teammates.

We act as owners

We each act as if Shutterfly was our own company. That means taking accountability for our actions that impact customers, shareholders and each other. Ownership means never saying "that's not my job", but instead working toward solutions for the greater good.

We are warm, inclusive and collaborative

Shutterfly is a place where everyone has a voice. We assume good intent, and trust and respect each other. We accomplish more by working together than we could individually.

We debate the most important decisions, then fully commit

We respect and encourage the different perspectives of our diverse teams. Once a decision has been made, we leave the debate behind and move forward as a committed and aligned team. When the facts change, we re-examine our decisions.

We do the right thing for customers

We earn and retain our customers' trust. At any decision point, we choose the option that best serves that trust, whether it's fixing a problem, anticipating a need or delivering on a promise.

We invest for the long-term while delivering results today

Companies that invest over longer-term horizons have systematic advantages. But we only earn the right to invest over the long-term by delivering results today. We pay disciplined attention to both short-term delivery and long-term investment, acknowledging the inherent tension and necessary trade-offs.

We inspire customers through creativity and beautiful design

We present artfully designed and meticulously curated products. We inspire self-expression through our design-led offerings

We passionately innovate on behalf of our customers

Our purpose is to share life's joy by connecting people to what matters as the leading retailer and manufacturing platform for personalized products.

We share life's joy

We connect people—our customers and one another—to what matters. We are purpose driven, and we find the joy within our work.

We use data and insight to inform our decisions

We are committed to the pursuit of truth, even when unpopular or uncomfortable. We use data and rigorous analysis as a critical input to our decisions, but balance those with judgment and insight.